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I'm a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Expert and Web Developer. I have a passion about Social Media Marketing and I developed a love for to be a Brand promoter.

This is Nur-E-Afsana A certified Digital Marketing Specialist and SEO Expert with a strong passion for Social Media Marketing. With over two years of experience in the industry. Through My service, I can help you to Generate More Sales and Quality Leads for your Business. As a social media marketing specialist, I possess a deep understanding of various social media platforms, their algorithms, and audience behaviors. They excel in developing tailored campaigns that resonate with target audiences, building brand awareness, and fostering meaningful connections between businesses and their customers.

I am working as a Digital Marketing Specialist and SEO expert at Fiverr. At present Business man sells their product/service at online marketplace. There are huge online users easily are obtainable. Now a days people search their necessary products at online Marketplace such as Daraz, Amazon, bd shop, Walmart, e-bay etc. Online is such a marketplace where you not only buy products but also sell products. Different sites such as Bikroy.com and some buy and sell groups play a vital role in those Marketplace. Some Digital Marketing activities such as Promotion, Led generation, FB marketing, SMM, SEO, SOM, E-mail marketing, YouTube Marketing etc helps to generate more sells. As a result Business Man reach their goal and earn desire Profit.
My style
My working style

I'm a professional Digital Marketing Specialist and SEO Expert with having progressive experience of over 2 years. I'm here to provide accurate service to my clients & give 100% satisfaction. I'm ready to start working with great confidence and always try my level best to produce high-quality work for my clients.

As a Digital Marketer, I started my work by researching niche-related target audiences, competitors & industry trends. Then I set clear & measurable goals for Digital Marketing Campaigns. These goals help to increase website traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, or social media engagement.

Here, I use some paid and non-paid tools such as Linkedin Sales Navigator, GMass, Apollo.io, Yellow Pages, Google, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Market research reports, Social media insights, Canva, WordPress, Email Extractor, Mailchimp, Google Ads, FB Ads, Yoast SEO, Keyword Surfer, keywordtool.io, Google keyword planner, Content posting, Rite Tag, etc.

I am adaptable, data-driven, creative, and able to stay current with the rapidly changing digital landscape to be successful in my roles.

What I do
  1. On page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO/Backlinks/ Link Building/External Link/Inbound Link/Ref-Link
  3. Technical SEO- Google Search Console
  • Design Logo & Banner
  • Playlist & key words
  • Promotion & SEO
  • Intro & Outro
  • FB business page create.
  • Post create with photo, video,graphes or animation.
  • Create group and share the fb post in different group.
  • Comments in different group or different page.
  • Live link
  • IG link
  • User name
  • Avg. Like & Comment
  • Engagement Rate
  • Following &Followers
  • Email(optional)
  • Website(optional)
  • Logo
  • Cover/Banner/Signboard
  • Website Banner
  • Business Card
  • Invoice
  • Menu/Flier/Liflet
  • Poster
  • Offer/Announcement
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Website or Website List
  • Targeted Keyword 
  • Targeted Location
  • Create & Set-up FB Business Manager Account
  • Ads Account


YouTube Channel: I have a YouTube Vloging channel. I have created lots of videos and uploaded there. You can visit my YouTube Channel.

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Health and Wellness: I have a blog website about “Health and Wellness”. Recently I have started this blog about Health and Wellness for wellbeing of us.If you want you can follow.

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" I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity. "
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